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3d Projection

With the use of 3D Projection Systems, your shows, presentations and organizations will gain a higher level of prestige, a wider audience span, and draw more attention, keeping a room occupied in many minds…
3D Projection, allows to create a whole new dimension and free floating objects over a live performance, with the use of the new generation, higher resolution video projections. This system applies and adds high-tech movie effects breath takingly to your events, trade fairs, product presentations.
Live or virtual presenters can interact with live or virtual speakers, cartoon characters. This unique application is protected with copyrights in USA and Japan. The system that needs a single camera use, needs no audience support or 3D glasses.
With the use of 2mxm2 sets, a visual area can be achieved, from 50cm2 to 2000 m2. The content may differ amongst live or virtual persons, CGI, cartoon heroes, actual-size trucks, jeeps and cars, scenery, different stage setting or machinery, medicine ve electronics parts.

3D Projection

You can watch your creative content come alive on a floating platform with vivid colors, or even see a 2 dimension visual on a 3 dimensional floating screen.
Keep that in mind that with 3D projection, the only boundry is your dreams


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